B. B. Babington stalks Appalachian hills for “photo-ops” and writing ideas.

Occasionally, B.B. also finds peace of mind in the hills.

Who is B.B.?      Don’t ask B.B. He certainly doesn’t know.

What does B.B. do?      He stalks hills – I thought we covered that.

How does one stalk a hill?      Very carefully; they are wary beasts.

Wait a minute now, is he looking for hills or does he tromp through hills?      Now you’ve confused me.

And who are you?      Uh…

What?      I said “uh,” but I guess you expected a more intelligent response?

Well, perhaps, but now we see lack there of.      Of what?

Okay, now I understand. When B.B. stomps over hills he occasionally finds pieces of his lost mind.


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